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Your social media idols are lying to you!

Posted in the Nutrition category    Apr 18, 2019

Do you use Instagram? Facebook? Let me humour you. You log into your Instagram and the first three posts you see are: Your favourite celebrity “caught” midway into climbing into his/her Lamborghini! It’s all colourful and their message is “work hard, play hard”, or something of that ilk! Your favourite fit person who’s an online …

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Don’t like the calories tracker?

Posted in the Advice, Nutrition category    Apr 8, 2019

So I’ll attempt to not contradict myself… But you DON’T have to track calories as a method of making sure you’re eating to lose weight. I’ve got another method for you today. Don’t mistake what I’m saying – eating less calories than your body requires to maintain body weight is and will always be the …

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