Don’t like the calories tracker?

Posted in the Advice, Nutrition category    Apr 8, 2019

So I’ll attempt to not contradict myself… But you DON’T have to track calories as a method of making sure you’re eating to lose weight.

I’ve got another method for you today.

Don’t mistake what I’m saying – eating less calories than your body requires to maintain body weight is and will always be the governing factor to weight loss. And while I always try to encourage my clients to track their calories, it isn’t the only way.

Another simple method is to use your hand size (freakishly sized handed people are exempt – sorry!).

Male portion size: left column. Female: right column

This is something I came across years ago, and used to use, even before I started using calorie and macro tracking, and it’s fool proof.

So providing you have a hand, and you’re eating between 3-4 meals a day, use these measurements:

(The example here is for men)

  • Two palms of meat per meal (leaner cuts are more beneficial)
  • Two fists of veggies
  • Two cupped hands of carbs
  • Two thumbs of fats (if you have a fattier cut of meat, drop to one thumb)

Keep yourself hydrated, exercise at least 3 times a week and try this out for 1 month, and providing that you’re eating around 70-80% single ingredient foods, you should see a good improvement in your body shape.

Good luck!

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