Easy (virtually no) exercise for weight loss?

Posted in the Advice category    Apr 15, 2019

A very strange question for a Personal Trainer to ask you think!

But honestly, you don’t need to exercise whatsoever!

Weight movement – up or down – is a simple balance of calories. More calories in than out = weight gain. Fewer calories in than out = weight loss. Included in this ‘out’ calculation is literally all movement.


Every eye blink. Every cough. Every breath that is taken.

Every foot placed in front of the other! (Hold onto that thought).

There’s a reason that step trackers have become so popular recently, and “getting your steps in” is the new ‘Insanity’… Remember when all your mates used to talk about was this…

After a few broken hips, knees and living room floors, we can safely say that if you don’t want to look like a total nutcase in front of your neighbours, you don’t have to! 😁

This type of training would be known as HIIT – High-Intensity Interval Training! And for a few years, people were certain that THIS type of training is the best for fat loss. All because of a concept known as EPOC (Exercise Post Oxygen Consumption). Basically, this is the idea that after you finish exercising at a high intensity, you carry on burning energy (calories), which is true.

BUT, people took this to the extreme then and started to claim that a 20 minute HIIT session would burn more than a 60 minute LISS session (Low-Intensity Steady State) – such as an easy run or fast walk. And just like when everyone KNEW that the earth was flat, this has been debunked, long ago.

The point I’m making is that you’re doing the intense classes or training sessions, and you’re trying to lose weight, maybe try changing it up. Because one thing we haven’t spoken about so far during all this is LONGEVITY. How long can you keep that form of training up? Real weight loss takes years. Are you seriously telling me that every Friday night, after a long week at work, you’re going to really look forward to doing your 2000 burpees like a respective mad man or woman? Especially if you’ve just done that 4 times this week already?

Not likely! Now, would it be easier if, on your plan, was a 60-minute walk? Allowing you to stick your headphones on, zone out, even CHILL OUT, all while burning a considerable amount of calories?

If you can get yourself into a calorie deficit, you should not be looking to kill yourself in all your training sessions.

Getting steps in is a HUGE calorie burner.

And the best bit?

  • It’s easy to stick to!
  • No broken hips
  • Bad backs
  • Dodgy knees

Stick around, because I’m going to show you a prime example of this with one of my client testimonials in a future blog.

Til then, train smart!

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