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Posted in the Advice category    Apr 20, 2019

So it’s 3 am Monday morning

and great, I’m still not asleep!

There’s far too many things rushing through my head, too many ideas and too many tasks for me to switch off.

Better get them done then!

Now, this is uncharted territory for me – working at such an early time. But I was amazed at how productive I was! I got so much done that after around a couple hours, I dozed off!

So I write this to explain a major point.

Time and again, people are told when the best time to do things is:

  • “Don’t drink coffee after 6 pm”
  • “Exercise before work”
  • “Don’t exercise within a couple of hours of bedtime”
  • “Only eat little and often, small meals are king!”

And my personal favourite:

  • “Don’t eat carbs after 8 pm”…

Sooo what if the clocks go back???… But I digress!

With so many rules, how do we all not live in the same place, have the same job, marry the same partner? Because, yes, you know the answer, we’re all different, and we all have different tastes.

The same applies to the principles of when is the best time to exercise – when it’s best for you, i.e. when you feel the most energetic, the strongest, the most productive! But I never knew that my most productive time would come at 3 am until I tried it.

So this week, shake it up a bit. Step out of your comfort zone. Try some different times

That lack of energy that you’re feeling won’t be solved with yet another strong coffee! It could just be that you’re exercising at the wrong time! Make an effort to get up earlier this week, try your usual routine, and see how that affects your mental energy through the day. You may be incredibly surprised!

Have a great week!

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