Your social media idols are lying to you!

Posted in the Nutrition category    Apr 18, 2019

Do you use Instagram? Facebook?

Let me humour you. You log into your Instagram and the first three posts you see are:

  1. Your favourite celebrity “caught” midway into climbing into his/her Lamborghini! It’s all colourful and their message is “work hard, play hard”, or something of that ilk!
  2. Your favourite fit person who’s an online PT, showing you an excellent exercise but really showcasing all their rippling muscles and unachievable skin tone! (Queue the photoshop!)
  3. The Instagram famous “hotty” who’s showing you the very Instagram worthy meal that they’re eating, and how they eat this every day and how it only takes minutes to make and you can do too…

Then you look down at your meal…

And wonder how it’s possible to manage these meals all the time.

Well, short answer, it isn’t! But I think that’s what people need to hear!

Let me ask you this. Have you ever worked hard for something, I mean like, reeeeally hard? Maybe to buy that expensive car or house? Maybe to earn that promotion? You’ll have had to stand out from the rest by getting up earlier, finishing work later than the rest. Life will have been pretty tough at times.

But changing your body shape is no different!

And sometimes, the process is bland and boring (just like my sorry tub of rice and chicken!) But that’s ok, I know that I don’t have the time (nor a full-time chef, yet!) to make exquisite meals that are low kcals and good quality food.

And I bet that it’s the same for you too.

Sure, occasionally you will have the extra bit of time to make something ‘Instagram worthy’, but most of the time, life’s going to be bland and boring.┬áBut this is where the results are made. You’ve heard this one right?

“The results are made in the kitchen”

No, the results are made once you understand that most of the time, you have to tick the box, do the basics… all the boring stuff!

I want you to be successful in your endeavours, so don’t get suckered into thinking that all these fit looking people only eat those amazing looking dishes, they don’t. But they don’t want to post their boring meals on, as they’ll get as many likes as my rice pot…

A big fat zero!

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